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Have you been recently thinking about buying a new vacuum cleaner, but have been plagued with scenarios of misfortune such as buying one and finding out that it was completely not worth it? Are you totally at a loss as to which vacuum cleaner provides the greatest performance, versatility, and durability? Well, now your searching has come to an end because we’d like to introduce you to the SEBO K3 canister vacuum. Once you give this magnificent machine a try, you’ll become delighted and will probably never want or need to buy another vacuum cleaner ever again!

SEBO is a company that was founded in 1978 by a team of German engineers, and since then it has become the largest manufacturer of world-class commercial upright vacuum cleaners in the world. All throughout the various stages that each of their machines goes through, SEBO has always remained focused on providing its customers with reliability, innovation, consistent, compelling performances, and high filtration. Naturally, over time SEBO’s vacuums become better known as customers all over the world began to discover how wonderful they were for themselves. And to this very day, SEBO has satisfied millions of customers around the globe and has become one of the most famous brand names ever associated with a vacuum cleaner.

Just the fact that SEBO is so highly renowned should give you some indication of the quality of their machines, and one vacuum cleaner that certainly stands out above the rest is the SEBO K3. It’s very quiet, extremely efficient on either hard floors or carpets, and uses SEBO’s hospital-grade S-Class filtration system to capture allergens with 99.99% effectiveness! An electrified telescopic wand with a power head attachment is also included with it when purchased, along with a parquet brush for cleaning hard floors, and a huge variety of onboard equipment like the air belt shock absorber, and the power control slider on its ergonomic handle. What’s not to love about this ultra-cool vacuum cleaner?

The SEBO K3 canister vacuum is mounted on three rubber-coated wheels to reduce noise when moving, and also to prevent scratching the floor or damaging the carpet. It has a low 3 ¼ inch profile, allowing it to be slid easily under low furniture and beds, and you no longer have to worry about whether or not it will fit. The Airbelt K3 also comes standard with SEBO’s ET-1 powerhead, which is 12 inches wide and has a 10 ½ inch cleaning path and allows for manual height adjustment up to four levels. Also, if you are cleaning very delicate materials, the brush can be manually switched off, while the suction continues. It’s also easy to remove the brush if you need to clean or replace it, and an orange warning light will warn you by flashing if something is jammed inside the rollers. If the brush roller is set too high to be effective while cleaning, the warning light will remain lighted.

This super modern vacuum cleaner has auto-adjustable suction power, which can be configured by pushing the slider switch which is located on the handle, to give you the ultimate experience in suction control. It has an extremely long operating range, 32 feet, and coupled with a 20-foot cord it can help you clean almost anywhere. This will also minimize the number of electrical outlets needed during use.

The SEBO K3 can be ordered in one of three different “themes” or color schemes. These are black, red, and volcano. You’ll have no problem selecting whichever theme looks best to you! When people see you using your brand new vacuum cleaner, they will surely start to become envious and will wish they had one as well. Don’t forget to recommend the SEBO K3 to all your friends and anyone who asks! It is the best choice of canister vacuum with the perfect balance between versatility and power, and in no time they’ll be addicted to it too!

For your SEBO vacuum Cleaner maintenance and repair, kindly contact us to have one of our experienced and professional staff to work on your machine.